Stop at nothing. Don’t get left behind. Have the will to win. And blow your own damn mind.
That’s us, Creative Rascals.
Worthy of your attention (and money), we’re a Delhi based film production studio that gets your brain in gear with everything visual.
From films to digital videos to photography, we’re trying to get brands and businesses to buck the visual storytelling trend, do things differently and add some polish to the fast changing world of creative marketing.

Then, meet the Founders

Free-spirited, we’re full time creativity chasers and part time offenders – that’s why the name Creative Rascals. The kick-off of Creative Rascals shines on the merits of Aman & Shailesh – our two amazingly talented founders who skipped their full time agency jobs with the dream of shaking up the films world with their creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, we exceed more rascals and promise to continue to take people and brands out of their dull funk.